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    Auto-parallelizing programming solution optimizes parallel processing and coding efficiency

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    Automotive Infotainment Guide
    With the race to deliver the best features in new cars escalating, the infotainment system is now a key focus in the automotive design process. Texas Instruments offers a strong analog and digital portfolio.

    Automotive Selection Guide
    Texas Instruments provides a rich portfolio for the automotive / transportation space. TI is committed to providing cost-effective solutions to the transportation market along with benchmark service in terms of excellent product documentation, on-time delivery and conformance to specifications.

    A beginner?s guide to to the AMD Embedded G-Series APU with OpenCL
    This paper provides an introduction to the AMD G-Series APU and operating systems that support these devices. It also introduces the reader to the OpenCL framework and programming model and contains an in-depth tutorial.

    Building the new world of intelligent systems
    A new era of pervasive computing is upon us. The proliferation of devices, connections, and data is weaving computing into every aspect of daily life, making possible unprecedented opportunities for innovation, advancement, and growth on a global scale.

    Optimizing parallel processing performance and coding efficiency
    By utilizing AMD Embedded R-Series and/or G-Series APUs in concert with Texas Multicore's SequenceL auto-parallelizing programming technology, developers can achieve significant gains in performance, energy efficiency, and productivity.

    Embedded System Access - changing the paradigm of electrical test
    The trend of employing non-invasive test access strategies, initiated in 1990 with the ratification of IEEE Std 1149.1, has spawned a number of new technologies and methodologies which combined have given birth to the category of Embedded System Access techniques.

    Smart Grid
    The promise of the smart grid is a more efficient, reliable, flexible and safe energy distribution system. But there are many challenges too. This Virtual Seminar provides technical presentations and white papers about solutions which can help to solve the challenges of the Smart Grid.

    This Virtual Seminar provides white papers and webinars about topics like computer systems for the safety-critical railway market, embedded PCs for passenger entertainment, emergency intercoms, and video surveillance.

    Enabling Linux for real-time on embedded multicore devices
    This paper describes some fundamentals of a real-time system and why real-time capabilities are hard to achieve with the standard Linux kernel, followed by an analysis of different approaches for improving real-time behavior with Linux.

    Ultra high brightness displays for outdoor applications
    Traditionally, industrial displays function only to display information, but because of developments in touch screen and cloud technologies, industrial displays have been transformed into interactive Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), and as a result, we see more and more outdoor applications appearing.


Print & Online Media for the Embedded Community

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Embedded-Control Europe.com

Product News and Companies Directory for the European Embedded Market


Technical Articles, White Papers, Webinars & more for Embedded Designers

Embedded News & Know-how

Weekly E-Mail Newsletter covers Chips & Components, Tools & Software and Boards & Modules

Virtual Conferences

The site iccmedia-vcon.com hosts free Virtual Conferences. The Conferences provide in depth technical information about specific topics relevant for designers of Embedded Systems.

ECE Magazine

Pan-European information source for Embedded Engineers which provides its readers with technical information about embedded hardware, software, tools, services and technologies.

Boards & Solutions Magazine

Boards & Solutions Magazine is focused on the technical aspects of Embedded Computing (Boards, Modules, Systems, Software, Services) and the use of Open Standards.

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