Do More - Evolution of the 8 bit MCU

Speaker: Steve Drehobl, Microchip Technology Inc.

  1. Steve Drehobl is Microchip VP of the 8-bit Microcontroller business unit.
  2. He tells us about Microchip continued commitment to the 8-bit market where the company achieved in 2015 the top market share position (Gartner report).
  3. Steve tells us that the  recent acquisition of ATMEL (April 2016) and the addition of the AVR® MCU product line to the company portfolio, its  dominant position will further expand and he confirmed his commitment to make both PIC® and AVR® MCUs (and their respective tool chains) grow  in the coming years with up to 40 new products in development!
  4. The focus on integration of analog functionality and core independent peripherals will continue in the coming new generations of PIC and AVR MCUs to provide customers with the best Real Time Performance, rapid development and robust application solutions.

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