Aetina shows intelligent Jetson and Pascal GPGPU solutions at Embedded World 2018

At this year’s Embedded World, Aetina has presented NVIDIA® Pascal™ GPU driven lineup on MXM, XMC, VPX, PCI- Express graphics cards and multi-displays variants.

Their new rugged 3U VPX board V3N1060-MRC was brought to highlighted, it’s VITA 65 compliance, down-chip with NVIDIA Pascal GP106 GPU technology. The robust conduction-cooled furnished capable for wide temperature, severe shock-and-vibration resistance, with 4 I/O outputs, 8K resolution supporting and driving at 3.5 TFLOPS, is good for rugged market for intensive CUDA and GPU computing.

Aetina’s intelligent smart city and smart factory solutions are highlighted in live demonstration on the spot. The finest small ACE-N510-TX2, and new edition ACE-N622-TX2 leverages the state-of-the-art CUDA computing power of NVIDIA® Pascal™ TX2 SoM, providing surprising performance and scalable efficiency for image and object detection, recognition and tracking. These solutions are best approaches for embedded deep-learning applications and AI deployments in edge devices.

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