IOT/Industrie 4.0 – Edge to Fog to Cloud – TSN & OPC UA enabled

Kontron as a part of the S&T group offers a wide portfolio of IOT ready /Microsoft Azure certified platforms with Kontron Security solution APPROTECT on SMARC 2.0, COM Express®, Q7 modules and SBCs/Motherboards. Also scalable, secure and Microsoft Azure certified Edge and Fog Computers up to Embedded Servers for Brownfield connectivity via fieldbus and LoRaWAN and Greenfield connectivity via TSN and OPC UA.

Our sister company S&T Technologies provides system architecture consulting and pre-configured End-to-End solutions based on the scalable IoT platform SUSiEtec that glues all components together such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and data management by combining the advantages of on-premise Embedded Cloud solutions with public Cloud infrastructures.

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