Arrow and Analog Devices strategic partnership and collaborative approach to provide solutions for our customers.

Mike Britchfield (VP for EMEA Sales) talks about why Analog Devices have a collaborative approach with Arrow

  • Arrow’s design resources are key, from regional FAEs in the field to online design support to E-Infochips and how ADI can leverage these to improve our time to revenue
  • Arrow’s comprehensive digital marketing capabilities enables Arrow & Analog Devices to reach a large amount of customers in the board market
  • Arrow field resource give Analog Devices a wide customer reach and allows us to comprehensively engage with the broad market

Josef Lechner (Senior Sales Director EMEA) talks about some key projects where Arrow & Analog Devices used their collaborative approach and engineering knowledge and resource to offer the customer a complete solution. The Smart city momentum and how we partner with Arrow in Drammen case study helping it to become the Smartest City.

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