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Boards & Solutions / ECE Magazine

Pan-European printed magazine for Embedded Engineers which provides its readers with technical information about embedded hardware, software, tools, services and technologies.

Virtual Events

Tools, Software & RTOS for Embedded Systems Design

This free Virtual Conference has its focus on tools, software and real-time operating systems. Highlights of the conference programme are: enabling the future of connected devices, introduction to model driven development, development of GUIs, development tools for ARM-based MCUs…

Reduce development effort, time and risk with Reference Designs

Reference designs help to reduce product development effort, time and risk. We have put together a microsite with technical information (White Papers, Webinars, Articles, …) about new reference designs.

Oscilloscopes - measurement tools with lots of integrated functionalities

Capabilities of oscilloscopes are increasing drastically. They become a more comprehensive and a more comfortable to use measurement tools with lots of integrated functionalities. Our Virtual Seminar provides you with first hand information about new oscilloscope developments with Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, Agilent and Pico.

Industrial Control

This Virtual Conference provides an update about ltrends, solutions and products to create reliable control and communications within industrial environments. Major topics are Human Machine Interfaces, Connected Factory,  (Real-Time) Operating Systems and Software Monetization.

Safety Critical Embedded Systems

In this virtual conference leading software and hardware vendors present technical webinars and videos about technologies, products, applications and solutions to improve safety of embedded systems.

Why is static analysis a challenge? – Interview with Michael Friess, AdaCore

  • adacoreQuality of static analysis depends not only on the tools, but also on the programming language
  • SPARK Pro is an unambiguous programming language that provides guaranties and proofs on the application developed
  • CodePeer detects errors before they grow into expensive problems
  • Hi-Lite Open Source project designed to simplify the use of formal methods in developing high integrity software?  
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