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    COTS fail-safe platform for train control and rail signaling

    Designed to address the changes happening in the market for rail infrastructure, Artesyn introduces a new COTS fail-safe platform for train control and rail signaling.

    M2M - are you planning a scalable long-term cellular strategy for 2G, 3G & 4G technologies?

    For organizations developing machine-to-machine applications, when does it make sense to migrate to 3G and 4G services? Download this white paper to learn more.

    Electronics are enabling the new industrial revolution

    Heinz-Peter Beckemeyer, TI's General Manager, Factory Automation & Control Systems, discusses the industrial revolution, also called Industry 4.0. He presents how electronics are enabling the industrial revolution and why factory automation is one key aspect of this.

    Enabling the Industrial Internet of Things

    This webinar of Intel and ADLINK touches on the advantages offered by Intel’s latest x86 technology advancement, shows sample applications of industries that are already embracing connected systems and explains how to create IoT application designs that can incorporate legacy infrastructure.

    Introduction to Energy Harvesting Technology

    There is abundant energy in our environment, and the challenge is to convert that ambient energy into useable electrical energy to power an application. This lecture looks at the harvesting sources, the system architectures and the ideal features of an energy harvesting power management IC.

    Should you buy a module or build your own integrated design?

    Don’t miss the Webinar that helps you calculate the costs and resources involved with buying vs. designing from scratch. New product features, certification, increased performance and quicker design.

    Connect vending machines to the cloud

    Intel recently announced the Intel Reference Design for Intelligent Vending which connects vending machines to cloud services and data analytics to enhance customer experience and improve operations.

    Re-think surveillance performance and integration

    Network video recorders (NVRs) are typically network-based computers that take video feeds from multiple cameras simultaneously and record the video in a digital format. This white paper looks at Milestone Systems’ line of Husky NVRs and how they use Intel Core i5/i7 processors

    Modular SIL 4-certifiable system platform for safety-critical public transportation applications

    In the last years, the government in many countries have increased their safety standards to provide more safety in public transportation. In this Webinar MEN show you how to cover all requirements from the beginning with just a single system.

    Intelligent PLCs expand the Internet of Things

    The emerging Internet of Things is creating new opportunities to optimize factory operations. The challenge is finding a way to transform isolated, fixed function equipment into a network of intelligent machines.

    Innovation in high speed data converters and demystifying of high speed JESD interconnect

    Increasing processing speed whilst ensuring desired precision is a challenge often faced by design engineers. This webinar will discuss such and many other issues in designing critical applications. The session will also explain the working of the JESD204B high speed SERDES link designed for high speed converters.

    Protecting your R&D investment with SHA-256 authentication

    During this webinar, participants will receive an overview of the Challenge-Response Authentication protocol and demonstrations on “How to set up an authentication system in four easy steps” and “How to integrate authentication into a new or existing design”.


    Analog Devices: solutions for motor control systems and design

    This Microsite provides an overview about Analog Devices’ portfolio of motor control solutions. ADI’s completely integrated solution fits the specific needs of industrial-based customers while helping them meet the new, more stringent energy regulations

Print & Online Media for the Embedded Community

Embedded-Control Europe.com

Product News and Companies Directory for the European Embedded Market


Technical Articles, White Papers, Webinars & more for Embedded Designers

Embedded News & Know-how

Weekly E-Mail Newsletter covers Chips & Components, Tools & Software and Boards & Modules

Boards & Solutions / ECE Magazine

Pan-European printed magazine for Embedded Engineers which provides its readers with technical information about embedded hardware, software, tools, services and technologies.

Virtual Events

Tools, Software & RTOS for Embedded Systems Design

This free Virtual Conference has its focus on tools, software and real-time operating systems. Highlights of the conference programme are: enabling the future of connected devices, introduction to model driven development, development of GUIs, development tools for ARM-based MCUs…

Reduce development effort, time and risk with Reference Designs

Reference designs help to reduce product development effort, time and risk. We have put together a microsite with technical information (White Papers, Webinars, Articles, …) about new reference designs.

Oscilloscopes - measurement tools with lots of integrated functionalities

Capabilities of oscilloscopes are increasing drastically. They become a more comprehensive and a more comfortable to use measurement tools with lots of integrated functionalities. Our Virtual Seminar provides you with first hand information about new oscilloscope developments with Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, Agilent and Pico.

Industrial Control

This Virtual Conference provides an update about ltrends, solutions and products to create reliable control and communications within industrial environments. Major topics are Human Machine Interfaces, Connected Factory,  (Real-Time) Operating Systems and Software Monetization.

Safety Critical Embedded Systems

In this virtual conference leading software and hardware vendors present technical webinars and videos about technologies, products, applications and solutions to improve safety of embedded systems.

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Embedded Software Monetization - Protect, Package, and Manage Your Products with SafeNet

Speaker: Ariella Shoham, Michael Zunke & Darim Ramathallah from SafeNet

safenetWatch SafeNet demonstrate how implementing  flexible licensing models and enforcement mechanisms in software-focused embedded systems, will enable device and equipment manufacturers to meet the packaging demands of every customer every time. SafeNet offers Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions tailored specifically to protect and manage software embedded within any piece of hardware – from networking appliances and medical devices to mobile handsets and industrial automation equipment.

Links to more information:

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