Learn how to rapidly design and develop industrial solutions

In this webinar, we will walk through various industrial reference designs and discuss TI's portfolio of microcontrollers, wireless devices and analog ICs optimized for industrial applications.

Intelligent solutions for next generation retail & digital signage systems

In this video MSC Technologies and Intel present intelligent solutions for next generation retail & digital signage systems, like the the MSC C6B-8S module family which is based on 4th generation Intel Core processors with high computing power, graphics, and video performance. 

Making power supply design easier with TI’s WEBENCH Power Designer

Take a tour of the latest features of WEBENCH Power Designer, and instantly design and optimize your power supplies!  In this Webinar, you will learn tips and techniques to quickly select a regulator, compute BOM, re-compensate the loop for externally compensated designs, edit a schematic, complete thermal analysis and electrical simulation.

Connect legacy equipment with Internet of Things gateways

Extracting valuable data from existing infrastructure is a key challenge for the IoT. Find out how a simple IoT gateway can help you gather a wide range of analog and digital data from legacy equipment.

IoT standards enable interoperability

The IoT promises a future where everything is online. But today, a lack of standards makes it difficult to connect. Learn how industry experts are solving this problem.

Hardware platform & software support for wideband interception and direction finding

This Case Study introduces a MicroTCA-based solution designed for wideband signal interception, monitoring and direction finding.  In this application, VadaTech’s software development services took center stage, helping to fill in the gaps for the customer’s SIG-INT application.

Powerful CPU modules drive four independent full HD displays

This White Paper introduces intelligent control of up to four high resolution displays for demanding visualization applications in industrial automation, POS / POI and digital signage systems

New life for Embedded Systems in the Internet of Things

Up until now, IoT software solutions have largely had to be built from scratch with a high degree of customization to specific requirements. What have been missing are developer tools that alleviate the costs associated with building the foundational infrastructure—the “plumbing” of their solutions.

Motor Control Virtual Conference

This on-demand Virtual Conference provides you with technical information about smart motor control concepts, products and technologies.

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